The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), the international trade association representing the plastics recycling industry, actively seeks new ways to strengthen economically viable and environmentally responsible recycling of postconsumer plastics. Rigid plastics, found “behind the counter” in full-line supermarkets, provide valuable feedstock to plastic reclaimers and can help fulfill feedstock demand.

This website is the “go to” source for implementing and operating a grocery rigid plastic recycling program.  It provides the grocery store industry important rigid plastic recycling information as they “green” their operations, both financially and environmentally.  Recycling grocery rigids is the third component of a balanced grocery recycling program: recovering corrugated cardboard, plastic film and rigid plastics. 

  • What?

    #2 HDPE and #5 PP rigid plastic containers open top, “nestable” FOOD containers with a separate lid/cover.

  • Why?

    For your bottom line: 

    • Reduce Trash Costs 
    • Increase Recycling Revenue 

    For sustainable operations: 

    • Reduce your Carbon Footprint 
    • Increase your “Green Culture"
  • Where?

    Grocery rigid plastic containers are typically found in bakery, deli, seafood and pharmacy departments.

  • How?

    Five steps to recycling grocery rigid plastics:

    1. Find Market 
    2. Develop Logistics 
    3. Train Associates 
    4. Collect/Manage Rigids 
    5. Ship to Market



Grocery rigid plastics are typically 450% more valuable per ton than grocery OCC.


350 million pounds (8750 tractor trailer truckloads, if baled), of rigid plastics are generated in-store annually by 35,000+ conventional U.S. supermarkets.


Average sized supermarkets generate 4,160 pounds per year! of wide mouth rigid containers weekly, and more than double that when including pharmacy bottles.

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