Recycle grocery rigid plastics

Divert waste, reduce costs and experience potential new revenue

Divert Waste

Divert Waste


Help achieve waste reduction goals by recovering recyclable material.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs


Remove bulky recyclable waste from your compactors and reduce your disposal costs.


Potential Revenue


Generate potential recycling revenue by providing valuable feedstock - “recycled content” - for consumer packaging on store shelves.

Publix Super Markets

“Making it easy and simple for the associates to recycle rigid plastics, is the right thing to do. Everybody feels good when they are doing the right thing. As we’ve grown, we continue to create new processes that are scalable and sustainable to meet business needs.”

Kim Brunson,
Recycling and Solid Waste Manager.

Association of Plastic Recyclers

“Recyclable rigid plastics, of the type found ‘behind the counter’ in grocery stores, provide valuable feedstock to plastic reclaimers selling to companies who want to include recycled content in their products.”

Steve Alexander,
Executive Director

KW Plastics

“What grocers might see in their backroom today as trash, is a treasure for us. Recycled rigid plastics from grocery backrooms quite possibly could end up on store shelves as new packaging next month.”

Stephanie Baker,
Director of Market Development


Plastic Recycling Film and Wrap

Everything you need to know about plastic film – recycling for your home and business

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